What is Ewes?

Ewes is a Windows program used to edit .wad files.

A .wad file is just like a .zip file containing all the files of a Nintendo Wii Channel.

Ewes is able to:

       - Extract the 00.app file from a Wad.
       - Extract the Bin`s from a Wad or 00.app.
       - Change the TitleID of a Wad.
       - Make a Wad RegionFree.
       - Make an 00.App file.
       - Extract Tpl`s from Wad`s, App`s and Bin`s.
       - Make a Wad out of a 00.App and Dol.
       - Convert a Tpl to Png.
       - Convert a Mp3 to a Sound.bin.
       - Convert a Elf to Dol.
       - Extract the Brlyt and Brlan from a wad or 00.app.
       - Inject a 00.app file into a Wad.
       - Make a Banner or Icon.bin.
       - Extract the Opening.bnr from a Iso file.
       - Extract everyting from a Wad.
       - Browse the files inside the Wad Just like WinRAR does with Rar files.
       - Preview the Tpl's in a Wad,00.app or Bin file.

Known issues

If you run Ewes more than once at the same time it might (very unlikely)
delete the temporary files of an another process in Ewes.

When the program extracts .Bin`s, a command line window opens and closes.


Pbsds (me) - for being bothered enough to make this app

Xuzz/Icefire - for including the source in WADder (where i learned AutoIT) and for u8it.exe

Keki - for wadpacker and wadunpacker

HowardC - for U8Tool

Red Squirrel - for opening.bnr extractor.

Superken7 - for FreeTheWads

Comex - for his NANDLoader

Waninkoko - for his NANDLoader

Jacol Beyros - for some advice

Monk - for TPLX

CountZero - for the AWSOME Readmii design!

Aether - for the icon used in Ewes

The creators of Lame, IMD5, GBALZSS, wiilz77, AutoIt and POWERPC-GEKKO-OBJCOPY